"We are witnessing a seismic change in consumer behavior. That change is being
brought about by technology and the access people have to information and
- Howard Shultz, Starbucks

Your audiences love you. You've served, delivered, surprised and delighted them for decades, yet sustaining and expanding your audience is becoming more difficult than ever. The new hyper-connected, ever-mobile, always social consumer requires consistency and the delivery of value and engagement over a long period of time. The Digital Radio Network was designed to help you sell our products and services, and to create passionate and engaged, raving fans. The advent of mass digital communications, and the evolution of new distribution channels, have created fragmented consumer attention. This disruption of corporate media has toppled traditional media gatekeepers and decimated the business models of traditional media and entertainment companies. As you contemplate how to evolve your Proprietary Audience Development activities, the Digital Radio Network gives you the competitive advantage and provides you with ever-expanding audiences that are bigger, better and more energetic than ever.

New media is poised to dominate the social landscape. The Digital Radio Network provides your business with the opportunity to reach and engage in a magical way with massive audiences around the world.


With our customizable smartphone app, The Digital Radio Network gives your audience the convenience, personal attention and opportunity to engage with your brand anytime, anyplace. Our mobile app solution is able to deliver your radio content, special promotions and music recommendations to enhance your brand experience - you can communicate with your audience directly both now, and into the future. iBeacon proximity-based marketing functionality is also availble - talk to us for details. Use this option to customize a downloadable smartphone app for your audiences.